4 Factors that Molded Pulp Biodegradable Tableware Customers Focus on

1. Function

First of all, molded pulp food container is biodegradable, non-toxic, 120℃ hot oil & 100℃ hot water without leakage and deformation. Meanwhile, it is available in microwave, oven, refrigerator.  What’s more, it can be recycled as fertilizer, which biodegrade into organic fertilizer, reducing to Carbon Dioxide and water. 

2. Quality  
The quality of molded pulp eco-friendly tableware is relatively better than most other materials. Like Just Biodegradable Technology Co., Ltd, many manufacturers have exported their products to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other countries. Molded pulp product is nonpoisonous, harmless, available under hot oil and hot water condition, no leakage & distortion, which can meet the basic needs of the people. Justbio-tech stick to the quality standard of ISO 22000, ISO9000…

3. Price
With the incentive of market competition, molded pulp environmental protection tableware prices relatively higher than other disposal plastic tableware. But as the scale and technological advances, as well as the deepening of the concept of environmental protection, relevant national policy support, pulp mold-friendly cutlery and prices would be even greater user acceptance.

4. Appearance 
Paper pulp tableware usually have two colors—bleached & unbleached. The bleached color product looks as elegant as the porcelain while unbleached color products looks very natural—well, they are also natural in fact. Furthermore, with the solid technical support of SouthChina University of Technology and experienced team, Just Biodegradable Technology has ability to conquer challenging technical difficulties. That’s why Justbio-tech can help to realize the customers’ creativity into real products. That means disposable tableware is not only a consumption goods, but also an artwork which can bring the user a sense of life.