Pulp Molding History

Pulp molding industry in some developed countries, has a history of more than 80 years, at present,  the pulp molding industry in countries of Canada, Britain, France, USA, Denmark, Holland, Japan, Iceland, Singapore,there have been a large scale. Among them, the UK, Iceland and Canada are developing better.
paper pulp molding industry in China develop late, in 1984, Hunan paper pulp molding factory of China Packaging Corporation, bought a automatic rotary pulp molding production line form EI company of France,it mainly used for the egg tray production, this is the beginning of China pulp mold industry.
In 1988, China published the first pulp molding production line that made independently.Before 1993, molded pulp products mainly used for eggs, beer, fruit tray or other low grade products.
Because of the eastward shift of the world industry began in 1993, the export product from China was required to use the environmentally friendly packaging, then the moulded pulp product was also used for electronic devices, household appliances, instrumentation, hardware tools, communication equipment, food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, agricultural products, daily necessities, lighting and other industrial products. 
Since 1995, paper pulp molding industry also had a new leap forward in China, and added a large family,the pulp molding tableware products.