Prospect and application of new environmental protection packing material pulp molding

Molded pulp products is a carton scrap, newsprint, white pure wood pulp as raw material. After the pulp and mixing into slurry concentration. in a special mold molding by vacuum. afterdryinl1l and the inner lining body packaging products of different types and purposes. This kind of packaging products, is consistent with the packing shape geometry and shockproof, anti shock, the protective effect of anti-static. anti-corrosion. After testing various physical indicators. the performance and effectiveness of alternative to the foam and is superior to the speech styrene(EPS), PS and PVC packaging  products, and occupy the advantage in the shockproof function. Paper tableware environmental protection, price and anti-static index and function. The inner packing is widely used in electronics. electrical appliances. Industrial instruments. Machinery parts. electrical tools. computer. household appliances. glass. ceramics and agricultural industries. With the development of the world economy and strengthening of people’s environmental awareness and national environmental protection measures. protection of resources and environment. creating a good survival and development space is the basic strategy of implementing the sustainable development and realizing the sound development of the global economy!  The use of green packaging. will be the inevitable trend of global. foreign trade website for the five principles of search engine. and the pulp molding products with good performance especially the excellent environmental protection.Just Biodegradable Technology will become a model for social acceptance of green packaging materials. At present, Europe. Japan. South Korea. American. Australia and other countries and regions have legislation banning foam (EPS) imported industrial products packaging. or several times to improve environmental tax to limit and eliminate foam packaging material as the imported product packaging, forming the so-called green trade barriers. According to the statistics of relevant departments, because there is no green packaging passport, with S7400000000 o f goods exports every year. Our country to the NPC Standing Committee in February7. 2002 of the cleaner production promotion law provisions of the draft; if the enterprise production. marketing is listed in the compulsory recycling directory of products and packages(including foam packaging products). should be in the product and packal11ing recycling after use, if the enterprise refuses o recovery, may impose a fine of 100000 the following fine, if the circumstances are serious given out. Such as enterprise products are exported to Europe. USA. Japan where. If the packaging is stil1 usinl11 EPS. characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe, need to impol1 customs to pay expensive environmental protection fees. and some are even 100% of production value, therefore in the last few years. the domestic market for EPS environment type substitution is very urgent requirement. Molded pulp industrial lined with shockproof packaging products industry is developed in recent years, with its good shock proof performance, waste utilization. Recyclable. Easy decomposition. non pollution environmental advantage and cost less than traditional packaging(EPS)foam cost advantage. By foreign capital, joint venture enterprises and domestic export enterprises. Pulp molding packaging industry is developing rapidly. the development of products has reached more than 1000. relates to household appliances. communication equipment. Computer parts. hardware tools. toys. ceramics, glassware, lamps. food, medicine, cosmetic, agricultural and other industries. Pulp molding industry in some developed countries more than80 years of development history. present in Canada. Britain, France, American, Denmark, Holland, Japan, Iceland, Singapore and other countries, pulp molding industry has a considerable scale. China’s pulp molding industry started late. beginning in1993. the world industry shift. China foreign export products ret1uire the use of environmentally friendly paper food packaging. molded pulp products start lined with shockproof packaging development to electronic devices. household appliances. instrumentation. hardware tools. communication equipment, food, medicine, cosmetics, toys, agriculturel products, daily necessities,lighting and other industrial products.In packagign cushioning performance of jslpmel, in a certain range and can be comparable to the white foam(EPS), and the price is lower than the EPS lining package, website construction to have the brand awareness,quickly accepted by the market.