The establishment of Just Biodegradable Technology Co., Ltd

Established on 7th April 2016,Just Biodegradable Technology Co., Ltd(Just Bio-Tech)  attracts kinds of elite in pulp molding industry regarding machinery, molds and products joined the company, achieving a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive strength of Chinese pulp molding machinery, molds, products and etc. 

The technology, manufacturing and Q&C team of famous pulp molding tableware company----Shenling Environmentally Friendly Packing Materials Co.,Ltd(Strictly conducts  ISO 9001、ISO 22000、BRC、BV AUDIT、SILLIKER AUDIT and NSF AUDIT, the company had  FDA STANDARD、BPI、AP(2002)1、COLIFORM、PESTICIDE and EN13432 certificates.) have joined the JBT ,for building the global top class molded pulp products supplier.

All employees of Just-Bio Tech will unite with absolute sincerity,keeping  progress and continuous innovation with a new attitude and outlook to create better returns for shareholders, create a broader platform for employees, create a more brilliant achievements for the company and to achieve our ambitious goals ----To become the most professional supplier of biodegradable eco-friendly packaging solutions.