• ONE Complete Industrial Fabrication Line:

    The group company possesses:

    1) Mold processing center---- Rapid design and processing capacity.

    2) Machinery manufacturing factory---- Improving machinery properties through reaserch and innovation.
    3) Molded pulp factory---- Poducts manufacturing.

    The three dimensional integration, contributes to R&D breakthroughs, which are converted into premium products.

  • TWO Labs:

    1) Paper Making lab of South China University of Technology.
    2) Pulp molding research and development lab of Just Bio-Tech.

  • THREE Pulp Molding Professional Founders:

    1) Mrs. Wu Jiaoping, professor of College of Paper Making from South China University of Technology, expert in Chinese pulp molding machinery technology,standard advocator and leader in the Chinese pulp molding industry.

    2) Mr. Jun Li, expert of design, manufacturing, and manufacture management of molded pulp products.

    3) Mrs. Gaoyuan Wang, expert of molded pulp product design and manufacturing with over 20 years of experience in the pulp molding industry.

  • TWENTY Senior R&D Professionals:

    There are twenty senior professionals work in JBT for the R&D.