Company Background

Just Biodegradable Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly owned by HGHY Pulp Molding Pack Co., Ltd. (HGHY). The mother company is specialized in manufacturing pulp molding machinery. Officially established in 2000, it is a joint venture with South China University of Technology. HGHY has drafted the Chinese Pulp Molding Production Line Standards, the Chinese Molded Pulp Egg Tray Product Standards, and the Chinese Molded Pulp Industrial Package Production Line Standards. The company also possesses 55 national patents, and was awarded with the Most Influential Enterprise in the Pulp Molding Industry in China.

HGHY went listed on the domestic stock market in 2016. Based on new historical mission and strategic layout, it has invited the elites of pulp molded products research and management to join its pulp molded product factory--Just Bio-Tech. The group is determined to optimize the production line, convert its research capacity to advanced pulp molded products. The product fabrication by Just Bio-Tech helps ameliorate the properties of the machinery of HGHY, and better machinery improves the product quality. The virtuous circles lead to constant industrial breakthroughs for international biodegradable package solutions.

HGHY Pulp Molding Pack Co., Ltd. possesses:

1. Machinery Manufacturing Factory

2. Mold Processing Center

3. Pulp Molding Research and Development Center

4. Molded Pulp Products Manufacturing Factory

Organizational Structure