Mr. Jun Li

Mr. Jun Li, expert in Chinese pulp molding industrial design, manufacturing, and manufacture management, has led his team to build a most famous pulp molding tableware company which was highly recognized by the international clients (Due to the business strategic adjustment by shareholders of the group company, the pulp molding business has been terminated). Because of the passion for the pulp molding industry, he has undertaken the responsibility of making Just Bio-Tech one of the world's leading suppliers of biodegradable packaging.

Mrs. Wu Jiaoping

Mrs. Wu Jiaoping, professor of College of Paper Making from South China University of Technology, established HGHY Pulp Molding Pack Co., Ltd. in 2000. She is an expert in Chinese pulp molding machinery technology, and has hosted and completed a number of government projects. The standard advocator and leader in the Chinese pulp molding industry optimizes the machinery properties, and improves the production lines, pursuits nonstop breakthroughs and innovation, which has armed Just Biodegradable Technology Co.,Ltd with the core technical competitiveness for the industrial leading position.

Mrs. Gaoyuan Wang

Mrs. Gaoyuan Wang, one of the most experienced pulp mold design and manufacturing expert with over 20 years of experience in the pulp molding industry, has obtained abundant technical achievements. She has chosen Just Bio-Tech to transform her advanced technical achievements into premium pulp products.


Over 20 YEARS Accumulation of R&D Achievement
10 YEARS Experience of the Industrial Q&C Team



Our goal is to become the most professional supplier of biodegradable eco-friendly packaging solutions. We advocate environmentally friendly packaging, so as to reduce pollution on the earth, protect the environment, conserve resources, promote sustainable development, and maintain the ecological balance, for a better world.